Happy Snow Day to some and Be Safe Out There to most!

Found tracks in the snow this morning – across the backyard from the “wilderness”, over the driveway and up to the back door…around the side of the house and over to the neighbors…hoping it was a fox or some kind of critter made for the cold, not a kitty. We have a pack of feral cats that live in the cemetery behind my house and I got to worrying about them. I heard someone feeds them but that brings up a thousand other questions…will keep you posted.

Back to sugar! There was a defined energy drop yesterday in the afternoon that looked and felt like a nap attack. Felt possessed to lay down, commanded to rest – so grateful I could do that! 20 minutes later I got up, winterized and went out to the garage for almost two hour to tidy up and put my car in before the snow came. Ideally that project would have been started in August…oops.  The nap was a replacement for sugar I am sure – even my usual healthy snack – granola bar, dried fruit, vanilla almond milk – all contain sugar. Hmmm.

The energy lull was similar (I think – we’ll see, this is only Day 2) to when I quit caffeine but that was more gradual – half caf coffee first then kept cutting it until it was all decaf…over a month or so. Going gluten free was a little harder – I was bitter and resentful for 5 days or so, then felt much better. I was able to chose GF unlike so many people who have to…wheat is in everything it seems so I can only imagine how difficult it must be to manage this as an essential. We have a great GF Bakery in my town – Ellie’s – – lucky us! By the way, ready Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis!

I am allowing some fruit in this experiment – had a few “sweets” yesterday – an apple, applesauce and a clementine (non-local treat!) and that seemed to help. Will allow the canned peaches from last summer too and limited local cider and grape juice 🙂 Makes me feel like I am having dessert.

So….sugar… is in everything – and of course HFCS too. And it is like a drug – sugar addition is real and dangerous – read this and then go clean your frig and pantry.

On that note – I am going to go make another decaf, unsweetened latte.

Have a Nothing New Day! ~ Kristin

PS – No Truvia, Stevia, Leavia, Govia, Freevia, Nomorvia, Aspartame, Sucralose, etc. 🙂


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