Find Your Farmer

Hello! Day 3 of no sugar…no nap yesterday and had enough energy to shovel snow for 2 hours – yay!  Don’t be jealous – especially all you warm climate people out there…I realized later there was sugar in my tomato soup – drats. Maybe that’s what kept me going?  This endeavor is taking me to a whole new level of label reading to be sure.

Starting another day with no sugar – plain yogurt, NY peaches (canned last summer), cinnamon and a decaf unsweet latte (DUL). Made a deliberate decision to meet friends for lunch today at a soup/salad place not a french fry/dessert place – yay us!

I watched a great show last night on a new tv network called Pivot Looks like some interesting programming! I was inspired by “Ingredients: Who’s Your Farmer” –  Farmers and chefs across America collaborate to create local sustainable food systems, and change public perception about the health benefits of eating locally grown products.

When you buy from your Farmer, the money stays with the Farmer – good! Our farm land is dwindling…and since food comes from farms what will that mean for our food supply??? I learned that “Farmer” as an occupation is not listed in US census – is it lumped into the Other category AND less than 1% claim farming as an occupation.  I am sad for this. More here:

On the other hand, I am happy for the food justice movement and organizations in urban areas especially that work hard to get fresh food to people without the access to do so. Check these out! Just Food – and Food Change – …Hope? I can’t wait to get involved here with Rochester  Roots – more on that later….

My wish for you today is to pay attention to where your food comes from – Who’s Your Farmer?

Have a Nothing New Day! ~ Kristin


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