Ingredients: Sugar...

Ingredients: Sugar…

DRATS. Saw a commercial for pizza. Wanted (needed?) pizza. Made corn tortilla, pizza sauce, black olives, cheese “pizza”. Ate. Made second pizza. Ate. Read label. Darn it!  Sugar is in everything. But I knew that! I got so compelled by the idea of pizza that I did not think to look at the label. Decided I would not waste the food I have – will finish up the sugared items then search for ones without sugar as needed.

Nonetheless, I have NOT had any candy (except for the mindless mints from last week) in a week.    For me, that is a significant shift. I am tracking my food/water/exercise again on My Fitness Pal a free site and phone app It gives me a good overview of my intake and output and forces me to really think about portions…check it out – it might work for you!

Back into the pool starting next week – looking forward to getting back into that routine – three times a week for an hour or so…that adds a whole new element of world peace to my life. Got OUT of the habit around this past October when the book process was nearing completion…Those last 2 months of writing/editing/designing/printing/waiting were rough. A few things got me through – including sugar! In the form of Coca Cola (I confess). I drank a 12 pack of Coke in 2 days in one of the final rounds of editing. One after the other. All. Day. Do NOT try this at home. For so many reasons….

Our cold snap – sorry, Polar Vortex – is easing here but still COLD.  Grateful we did not get all the snow – hoping this who did are dug out and safe. Thank your coat, your mittens and your hat today OR your air conditioner! Whatever is bringing your comfort today….

Have a Nothing New Day! ~ Kristin



  1. Who knew there was sugar in the sauce? Thanks, Detective Skarie.
    So glad you are getting back into the pool. Swim you mermaid.

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