Small Furnace

Small Furnace

Yes. Grateful for my furnace. And the electric register in one of my rooms upstairs. And food. Food provides fuel for us to burn and we generate heat in our bodies. My hot flashes produce heat as in, “Why does it feel like my organs are on fire?” and “Are there flames coming out of my back?”

And so does this little contraption! Not much but enough to make my work area a little cozier..I had all of these items in house….

1 Metal bread pan, 3 tea lights, 1 terra-cotta pot

I have seen larger versions online – bigger pan, more tea lights, bigger pot. Pot gets hot for sure so warning – DO try this at home and be sure to monitor presence of children and cats. Oh and remember to turn it off at night…

Sugar Free update: 10 days into it…I am 2 pounds lighter…more energy? more focused? more fit?  I think so…will look back at the end of the month to assess…

I hope you have a restful, safe and sugar-free weekend! And may your heat sources provide you the warmth you need…

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin


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