No Sugar Needed

No Sugar Need

I am getting used to no sugar…and really appreciating the taste of food and taking my time.  I take a moment and think, “oh this is coffee” or “I am eating brussels sprouts.” Kind of weird, I know but it is making me slow down, sit down and really enjoy what I am eating. Simple yet profound.  I am still tracking my food, water and exercise on My Fitness Pal which really helps – thank you Amy Gorton for that tip!

My downfall used to be not having enough healthy snacks while traveling – especially driving.  Always ended up defaulting to fast food – justifying the “need” because I was on the road.  FRENCH FRIES and a COKE.  Like a magnet.  Pulling me in to the drive-through. I could almost smell them from the highway! But it got so that I would feel icky while driving, arriving at my destination more tired than I should have been…I blame the FF and C….

So now I have a little kit always on the ready…raw almonds and other nuts (although now I read that almonds are not good for hyperthyroid – drats – need to research that more), fruit, tomato juice, dried fruit (no added sugar) and granola bars (need to find no sugar ones now).  Tortilla chips too and sometimes carrots to crunch on. I also bring almond milk, tea bags and sometimes these great instant coffee thingys to avoid bad road food coffee.  The tomato juice, almond milk and instant coffee are in single serving packaging so I am sure to bring the waste home to recycle. Not ideal but it really helps me.  The kit hangs replenished after each trip on the back of the pantry door under the stairs in my kitchen.

Now I rarely have to stop for food on the road and if I do, it is at a better choice – have stopped the FFC situation…that good habit started during my Nothing New Year and has really stuck. Grateful! Saves time, money and stress…arriving more fresh at Point B is a total bonus…

My wish for you this weekend is to really savor what you eat – take a moment and note the flavor, texture, consistency…and appreciate it!  Safe travels whatever road trip you have today – no matter the distance…

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin


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