Beeswax, honey and coconut oil...

Beeswax, honey and coconut oil…

I went to a new group meeting last night – a group of women interested in all things sustainability…wonderful range in age, experience and knowledge. I learned so much and was the last one to leave 🙂

We talked about what veggies to grow given the space you have, how to make raised beds and why the type of soil you have matters….THEN how to make  beeswax lip balm…what? So exciting – yes I know I have a simple life :))) Parting gifts were kale seeds, a little container of homemade hand cream AND a homemade lip balm – life is so good!

This was only the second meeting and I really hope I can go again – thank you Rachel Stuckey for hosting us!

Already got the name of another cool organization/meeting happening – called Lots of Food…I think I am in love:

“The Rochester-based Lots of Food program is a model of food distribution that plants FREE FOOD in urban neighborhoods – right where there are hungry people. This urban food forest project is using ecological gardening and permaculture practices to grow diverse, perennial food systems in small and urban spaces, AND, it empowers and educates neighbors to eat healthy and become gardeners themselves.”

More on this no doubt…

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin

PS. It was a sugar-free day – yesterday and today…



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