Done! Pride Box...

Done! Pride Box…

Had a great day with Springfield College’s NSO Exec Board – dedicated, driven, engaged and proud to be at SC!

I worked here a LONG time ago for a short time…came back for 13 years after I no longer worked here full-time to work at Freshman Camp. Every May 250 or so students – mostly first years – go out to East Campus, 20 acres of land that belongs to the college, just down the road in the geographical center of Springfield. It used to be 40 acres – but that is a long, sad story…They camp for 8 days to get 1 credit – the course is officially called Outdoor Pursuits. For most, this experience, that land, the Pueblo, and Lake Massasoit makes for a memorable week – for the rain, the cold, the heat, the dirt, the Council Ring, Cathedral of Living Trees, the friendship, the tents, the cots, the bathrooms, the burnt food, the good food, the fun, the hard work, the stories, and the love…There is something special about this place…that is all.

What are you proud of?  What places are special to you?

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin

PS. And another mostly sugar-free day – just did not drink enough water – drats!


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