Cool Journal

Cool Journal

Cooler Inside!

Cooler Inside!

A second fabulous day at Springfield College – with the SGA Exec and Senate…very cool group of student leaders genuinely interested in making SC a better place. So inspiring and energizing! They have so many great ideas and they were so respectful and kind to each other…I really loved working with them. They have a great advisor and loads of support from their VP and their new President – very exciting times to be here….

One of the students, Becca Jacobson (SGA Pres) went on Semester at Sea last summer and gave me this incredible gift – a beautiful, useful, memorable, personalized journal….what a lovely thing to do!  Her enthusiasm and certainty of  how this will be a life-changing adventure has given me so much to think about…thank you Becca!!! I feel less nervous and even more ready to get my SHIP together starting now – get it?  Hahahaha. Such a simple and profound gift – I am so grateful!

Stayed with a new set of friends tonight – blessed to have people on my team :))) More to follow – COLD NIGHTS…be careful out there…may drive home tomorrow – probably wiser to stay out on the road – less gas expenditure and less time driving back out this way in a few days…decision time…

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin


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