New Friend Emmy


Sophie, Maya, McKenna

Sophie, Maya, McKenna

Another great day at Springfield College with Student Government…it felt like Old Home Week 🙂 Back in the day, I got to work with SGA and the Campus Activities Board (used to be called BOG – Board of Governors)….

I felt like I was with old friends even though we had just met – the same spark and passion I remember from 25 years ago!  SGA wants to make a difference and they are in exciting times with a new vibrant president, Mary-Beth Cooper – lucky SC!!!

When I was there….gosh, those were difficult days at SC…East Campus land – the  history and the legacy there –  was compromised, the mission of the college was at risk and faculty, staff and students were at odds with the president…SGA staged a walk out of classes to protest the decisions made about East Campus and other concerns about the College governance…I think it has taken many people a long time to come to terms with everything that happened then and the years to follow…It is a special place…

I got to stay with an old friend these past few days, and made some new furry friends – these beauties, Emmy, Sophie, Maya and McKenna – a real treat to have the welcoming hospitality of people I know on the lonely road of travel…made it easier to live out of my car for a week!

Times change, people come and go, stay and leave, learn and lead…weaving their way along their own path and making their mark on others…I am better person for having worked with the Old Friends at SC and blessed to spend time with the New Friends…one is silver and the other gold…

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin


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