Good Real Food

Good Real Food

Plan B – Still on the road…Plan A was to (weather permitting) drive home from MA yesterday (4+ hours) then the drive back out to Long Island (6+ hours) today – made sense at the time

I am so desperate to be home these days that the idea of being able to go home mid-week eased my pre-trip anxiety a bit. But…given the weather  (abundant winter storm warnings) and how Plan B was much wiser – safer, greener and a better use of time – I stayed out on the road.

Ever grateful to friends for hosting me (Room and Board and Kindness!) – only 1 of the 5 nights out is in a hotel…and very little road food…Found this great shop across the street from my hotel and had a trio of natural deliciousness for dinner – fava beans and greens, wild rice salad and roasted potatoes…all nicely heated up down the hall from my room in the lobby.  It is all about access, options, then choice…to eat well – even while traveling.  So happy – thank you Christina’s Epicure!

AND s0 grateful to have a warm, safe, mostly clean bed to sleep in when I know that not everyone has that option or choice…thank you Jesus….

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin


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