Joe's Low Sugar

Joe’s Low Sugar

Winding down my no sugar month…it has been very interesting with an early steep learning (detox) curve now leveling out with huge benefits!

I feel like I have more energy – certainly a more steady energy level during the day – no ups and drops because of a salted caramel hot chocolate or a Coca Cola…I was 97% sugar-free this month – choosing low sugar if there were limited no sugar options, allowed a little honey here and there to jazz up my plain yogurt and on the road had travel-sized sweetened vanilla almond milks.

For the most part, I feel like I am OFF sugar which given my sweet tooth (I heart dark chocolate) is a big deal.  I have transferred over to unsweetened Wegman’s brand almond milk – $2.99 vs Silk at 3.29 btw 🙂 and out of the habit of  putting sugar in my coffee/tea (decaf). I still crave sweets in the afternoon and evening but apples, applesauce or dried fruit seems to take care of it – for real. Most dried fruit has some or a lot of sugar in it so I have to be careful there.

I always scoffed at magazine articles that offered “simply replace the brownie with an apple” suggestion – hahahahahaha.  As if…but now I get it! AND My dentist will be proud 🙂 Last time I was there I had two cavities!  I thought I was past that but all last summer and fall I was drinking a lot of sweetened iced coffee and Gatorade….cause….effect.  I expect to get two stickers at my next visit.

I am also pretty sure there was a weight loss – will know on 2/1 and will share without over sharing.

24 Days of No (Low) Sugar and I do believe I am cured…will advise.

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin


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