Curtis and the Cloud

Curtis and the Cloud


It has been so cold. Record low temperatures which I can choose to stay OUT of and inside my house! I am so thankful that I have a heated home and a car that works – and food and clothing and cats.

Have had a chance to help with a Coat and Boot Drive for the Open Door Mission here in Rochester.  We have 7 drop off locations and have been able to restock the ODM Store with enough coats to help a few more families get through the Polar Vortex. Hard to imagine.

Two days at HOME have been restorative. But….it feels like I am coming down with something…argh. Stayed in all day yesterday and went out today for a meeting and to get my car inspected….now hunkering down to rest up for going to Henry Hudson School on Wednesday – hope I don’t get sick! Will do the salt water gargle for the sore throat and honey for the cough – I am trying hard to NOT take Advil but am feeling pretty achy…

Hope you are staying healthy, warm and grateful for what you have 🙂

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin



  1. I hope you feel better Kristin! Am so grateful for a warm home, fire, warm blankets & Snickers my cat =) If you’re achey take the meds – you’ll get better rest. Take care and safe travels!

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