Rally Cap

Rally Cap

Cold is still here – my cold and THE cold.

I wanted to stay inside, bed, under the World’s Greatest Blanket (aka The Cloud).  I HAD to rally and go outside to do Part One of a storage unit clean out for a Foundation Board I am on.  I did not feel good and the Wah Factor was high.

I could have waited which would had left more to do on tomorrow and we had to have it cleaned out by 1/31…also, there is only so much room in the Mighty Honda –  I knew there would have to be two trips.

I took a 3o minute power nap. Got up and layered up including Dad’s wool sweater from his skiing days – it is as old as I am – and is like wearing 5 sheep – windproof, waterproof and has magical powers. Made positive self-talk. Topped it all off with my long swim parka, scarf, hat and gloves – I was good to go. It was sunny and windy and 10 degrees – yup.  It hurt my eyelids a little bit to be out there.

I was reminded that this micro-level task of cleaning out a storage unit – on a bitter day, by myself, with a cold, in a slightly, creepy, silent, isolated storage place was Love Actually – not the movie – but was actually love – an act of love for the organization I have been a part of since 1985. I chose to take on this task, in this fashion and it really was safe (pretty sure, although I made a phone call going in and one coming out just to be sure they could track my path in case something happened…some say paranoid, I say careful.)  I share this not for sympathy but for clarity. I do not want “credit” for this task and in fact it was a team effort all along – I was doing the last bits. Thank you Marilyn, Terry and Myra!

Because I am not good with details – I often have to remind myself when I am in the Micro – what the Macro end result is going to be. In this case, releasing the storage unit would save us $520 and help us continue to streamline our work. It is one of several things we are all doing as a Board to make us function well – financially and organizationally.  So YAY for the empty storage unit! Next step – SHRED.

What do you care about so much that the micro-level task is an act of love?

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin



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