Rested as much as I could last night then went back to the storage unit to finish up.  It was 27 and the 17 degrees of warmth compared to yesterday made all the difference – plus no wind – good! This project is wrapped up – file cabinets are getting picked up tomorrow and it will be EMPTY. Yay!

My Number One Priority for today got checked off my list along with a few others.

I plan a week at a time so there is comfort in know the tasks will get one over the course of the week. Once the tasks are on paper, they don’t float around as much in my head and I do less unproductive multi-tasking.

Every day, I have 6 Must Do’s rank ordered on the list that I write down the night before (thank you Mary Kay Cosmetics and Theresa Kusak-Smith for that great task management tool!) I also use an adapted ABC 123 method from Stephen Covey; A=Absolutely must get done, B=Be nice if I could get it done, C=Can get to it tomorrow. Items are numbered within the ABC to indicate priority as well.

The 6 Must Do items are all “A” Level and if I choose to do a B or a C then it means I have in reality made it an “A” list item.  Often times B and C items are smaller, easier and more fun – but not as IMPORTANT as A items. Bs and Cs can be magnetic and enticing because I can check them off – which I LOVE to do – so I have to work hard to stay focused on the A List.

I have not mentioned distractions and temptations. It can be anything – I work at home so there are 47,000 things to do here besides work. That is a whole different discussion! Needless to say, there were many SWEET temptations this month – even thought I cleared my house of sugar – I had a bag of Ghiradelli chocolates for house guests – yeah sure. I could feel their presence in the pantry….The guests had a few and as soon as they left I had to get rid of them ASAP – shared with neighbors – too tempting!!!

How do you set priorities? What are your time temptations? What can you do to keep your tasks on track?

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin




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