Five Pounds

Five Pounds

I have freed myself of 5 pounds – yay! The visual of the bag of sugar I am no longer carrying around on my body is really powerful and motivating.  

A month of strictly limiting refined sugar and I feel great…I got out of some bad habits and replaced them with better ones. I did not do any structured exercise this month (bad habit) so that is one of the pieces I will be adding this month – swimming 3 times a week…back into the pool – more yay!

I am also getting back on track with something I was doing for a while – A Thing A Day (ATAD) – to take 20 minutes a day to clean up/clean out an area – a drawer, a corner, a shelf, in a room or a section of a space…today’s ATAD is my home office – will post pics tomorrow 🙂  This space got a little out of control this summer/fall and now that I am getting a small breather this month I will take this important area on full force.

NOTE: My office is a small room facing North with a nice window, some natural light and a crisp feel in the breeze from the closet that borders the basement wall stairwell. I would like to do some things to warm that room up  – literally.

Have some fun things this week…Good Day Rochester on Thursday 2/6 at 8:05am on FoxRochester and prepping for “Sustainable Saturday” sponsored by Rochester Greenovation – check it out!

Delivering a peach cobbler to a friend today too – bright spot 🙂

What is your bright spot going to be today?

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin




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