It is still winter...

It is still winter…

Yup – about to go out to shovel for the third time – it might be my least favorite thing. Well. After going to the dentist and buying bras….

On that note, I am going out. In the dark. In the cold. Will let you know when the Wahmbulance arrives.

Oh – tomorrow, check out my guest blog post on a great blog called “Live to Write – Write to Live: Professional writers talk about the craft and business of writing…”

New Hampshire Writers’ Network

Thank you Wendy Thomas for the wonderful opportunity! Be sure to follow Wendy’s blog:

“Lessons Learned from the Flock”

What to you “live to do?”  What are your lessons learned ? Who is your flock?

Stay safe and warm tonight everyone…

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Krisitn


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