There's garlic under that snow...

There’s garlic under that snow…

And mint...

And mint…

It is only mid-February and I am ready for Spring.  I am trying hard to appreciate the beauty of every one of these single digit days – really I am. I don’t want to wish away the days even if it is hard to breathe out there and the wind makes my eyelids hurt. The saving grace has been the multiple sunny days in a row! Typically, we don’t see the sun until May so I am grateful for the froze blue skies as the silver lining.

Watching the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics tonight helped. Although the whole first part of the show was a little trippy, it really was fun to watch all of the countries walk in, “ugly” sweaters and all.

I was tweeting and following along on #Olympics2014 – so interesting what people will share with strangers and how so many people share the same opinions. Much of it was general commentary on what people were wearing and lots of concern about the countries being out of alpha order not knowing they were arriving according to the Cyrillic alphabet.

Oh, I did google that…it was suggested (several times?) by the announcers that we can Google for more information on anything we had more questions about – it was a little odd.  So, here:


Some of the tweets were a tad harsh – criticism for the announcers, Russia, Putin, his girlfriend (?) and other non SPORT related issues. Seems the main reason all this was happening tonight got hidden under trivia, sarcasm and irrelevance. Forget all that little stuff -the main reason is to allow the BEST athletes in the world – no matter what country they represent – to compete in a safe, friendly, fair and exciting lifetime competition. And we get to watch! Seems it is as close as we ever seem to get to World Peace – notwithstanding the civil rights issues at stake in this Olympics.

I consider it a privilege to live in a country that allow us to watch, participate, have our own opinions and be able to voice them.

Enjoy the weekend – please be safe and warm…and Go USA!

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin


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