Sustainable Saturday

Sustainable Saturday

I want there.

I want there.

Rochester Greenovation’s mission is to keep junk out of the landfills – You had me had Sustainable Saturday! Their story here – http://www.rochestergreen.org/

I spent a few hours at the February Sustainable Saturday event (second Sat of every month) at a table with my books – it was really cool to observe and absorb the positivity. Folks coming and going, talking, hugging, learning and taking stuff away to use! Most of the stuff is for sale and organized by vendor.

But this day, a sister organization called Rochester Pass It On has a dedicated space in the building for a live free swap of unwanted items – drop off and take away – cool! Like Freecycle but in person. Dig it RPIO.


Within minutes of being there I found myself in an intriguing conversation about trash/garbage/planet-care with someone who rides his bike to work ALL YEAR LONG, uses his car for emergencies only and has no TV. Then a story from the next person about great books to read on sustainability (Cradle to Cradle by William McDonough, and Radical Simplicity by Jim Merkel). He trusted his life story with me, freely  sharing his plans and pics of his kids. I was impressed by his happy outlook in spite of some pending heavy transitions.

A steady flow of swapping stories and stuff.  It was like I was at a conference – learning and affirmation ruled the day! NOTHING gets thrown away here. There is an Improv Theatre in this space as well which seems fun. RPIO Language: ISO – In Search Of and IHA = I Have Available. Most people try to make the best life they can for themselves and others. People need stuff. Many have stuff to give away! Free coffee is always nice. Kids like to help. People are nice.Wool socks + hat + gloves = happiness (it was COLD in there). The free Florida plate may be a sign…

Which compelled me to learn more about my local landfill…the more I know the more personal it is and the more I want to minimize what I put in there.  My trash and recycle gets picked up weekly so I think it promotes complacency when it comes to responsible trash creation.  If I had to store the trash in my basement or backyard or out in the street, I may think/behave differently.


Throwing something away – just means away from you…thank you Dave Chameides who saved your trash in your basement for a year!


Where is YOUR landfill?

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin


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