I am done.

It’s all we talk about. In the grocery store, on the phone, on Facebook and Twitter…on the news, on the radio…at events, with the mailman, the neighbors, and my cats. This perpetual cold.

I am done.

However, I have no control over this, except to pray for mercy. As I sit in my heated home – I selfishly pray for mercy from the COLD for me but more importantly (Lord help me remember) for our homeless in ROC, for people who are making decisions to pay the gas bill over the medical bill, for those who rely on others for heat, dinner and a safe place to sleep.

…and prayers for me to remember that I am one of the lucky ones…blessed with my daily needs met…DAILY.

Keep reminding me – it will not last, Spring WILL come.

Hopeful, ever hopeful…

Have a Nothing New Day!  ~Kristin



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