Kitty in a Cloud

Kitty in a Cloud

It is a luxury to nap.  A privilege. A treat. Necessary.

Had an early training program today – up at 5am,  and operating a motor vehicle by 6am, “on stage” by 6:30 – talking by 8:15…I know many people do this on a regular basis but my work at home schedule is a little different. It is one thing to be awake at 5am and a whole different gig to be upright and functioning at that time.

The program was great and I met so many nice people, my content was well received and 7 people bought my book – yay! Today’s program was “Living Lean and Green – Declutter Your Life”…Living Green is being able to meet your needs for today without compromising your ability to meet your needs in the future. Extending your “shelf-life” so that the things your work on can carry on when you are not there – relationships, procedures, programs. We talked about ways to affirm what your strengths are help others do the same… being deliberate as to what you put on your work/life plate. Your values ground you in your priorities daily affirmations motivate and inspire you. With help from “unlikely partners” you can have a stronger impact and influence. Tips for getting and staying organized and remembering that everything we do is connected rounded out our time together….good times!

I was happy with the results and will follow up with some of the cool people I met. I didn’t think I was tired until I go home around noon, got in the door, heated up the decaf from earlier and changed into my home uniform – jeans, Smartwool socks (fav), huge flannel man shirt and a hooded cable knit sweater Mom made for me in 1979.

Then it was like things ground to a full stop. When I back upstairs to make sure all cats were accounted for, they were on the bed and then I got into bed and stayed there for 3 hours. Yikes. Not really sure what happened.  Body over mind. Woke up with a headache that cleared after some water, a little walking around and a cuppa tea. Weird day.

Feeling better now, and will NOT be getting up at 5am tomorrow, thank you. 7am yes, 5am no. Well done to you who will be up before dark…

What is your luxury, privilege, treat, necessity???

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin


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