The Soup

The Soup

Blueberries are powerful antioxidants…in the form of warm blueberry soup this morning they were powerful mood enhancers! There was joy! Nice weekend behind me…I’d cooked food for the week. I was continuing to shred, file, donate and organize. got some good sleep which is a gift. Visited with neighbors, talked with family and friends across the country and felt like I was on top of things – well, at least alongside them.

It was sunny. 30 Days until Spring. A full day ahead with time to finish some big projects, good news emails and yet another day given to me to make the most of…life is good because of this actual day not in spite of some trivial weather piece of the day.

Another frigid day and I have decided to stop complaining. I’d had a few more rounds of “really?”, “enough with the fluffy”, and “make it stop”, over the weekend on Facebook and Twitter then realized I was being THAT girl – the negative one, the downer, the bummer one. Wah, wah, wah.

For the next 30 days until Spring I will NOT use words to describe the weather such as – brutal, hideous, or painful. Nor describe how I feel as desperate, done or depressed. Nor more “I hate the color white”, “this could be my last Winter here and I am OK with that”, or “Oh look, it’s snowing again – that is totally awesome.” (in my most sarcastic tone with a little upspeak for emphasis.)

From now on I am the ever positive one – silver lining, grateful for the time, happy with what I have – including all the beautiful, fluffy, white, cold, blanket of snow all around me.

Now if you’ll excuse me – I need another bowl of blueberry soup…

Have a Nothing New Sunny Frigid Beautiful Day! ~Kristin



  1. Thank you! I too vow to be positive about the weather….although I always think snow falling is beautiful, until it turns grayish..:(

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