SImple = Profound

Eco House Rocks

I have the good fortune to be a new “Eco House Fellow” at the State University of New York at Geneseo…very exciting! Got to attend one of their events tonight – the Grand Re-Opening of their Swap & Shop…a dedicated space in their residence hall for students and staff to drop off clothing they are no longer using and possibly pick up an item or two of interest left by a fellow Geneseo-an (Geneseo-ite?).  Swap & Shop. Less stuff in the trash for them, less stuff in the landfill for us!

It was a simple event – crackers, cheese, veggies, hummus, drinks and music – doesn’t need to be fancy! An Eco House resident, greeted me at the door and we chatted about the evolution of Swap & Shop, the latest scoop on life in Eco House and his pending study abroad plans – nice! Got to talk with other students I’d met the week prior at Live Green Day – they were so positive, hopeful, action-oriented and welcoming. Oh and smart, cool and fun! My kind of people.

Five smart, cool, fun and supportive Geneseo staff were there too – along with the new Chief of University Police – checking in to show solidarity. This group represents the friendship, collegiality and community that I loved most about working on a college campus. I am envious of their deep, ongoing and genuine connection to their students and miss that dearly

I am hoping to be a resource and a connector for Eco House to advance the work they do to green their corner of the planet and teach the rest of us in the process. Their work is simple and profound.

Followed all this goodness up with a late night side trip to Goodwill on the way home with two of those SC&F colleagues – I feel loved. Simple. Profound.

Life is good.

Have a Nothing New Simple yet Profound Day! ~Kristin


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