Cat on a Cloud

Cat on a Cloud

Nap Expert

Nap Expert

I took a breather today…a 30minute nap on the couch in the late afternoon. A luxury, I know. A huge benefit of working at home.

I was at my computer trying to stay on top of the project mountain and was overcome by fatigue (don’t make me talk about the Winter…) and started thinking,”If I could just put my head down right here”….instead I rested my whole body and mind for a short time and felt so much better…

The nap was under the World’s Greatest Blanket, aka The Cloud. Normally, I would shun the polyester, Made in China item as I favor sustainable bamboo Made in USA. My friend Sue recommended this dreamy throw at one point and although supportive, I am sure my response was, “Oh how nice” at the time. She went on to rave about this simple blanket, how amazing it is and that she in fact now uses it instead of a top sheet. Yet I remained a distant non-believer. Until….

She purchased 2 more Clouds – one for her couch and one for the room I get to stay in when I visit. It was then I understood the Power of the Cloud…I think it radiates its own heat. Maybe there are vitamins woven into to fabric. Could be that some sort of blessing is said over these blankets…there is something about how soft it is that makes everything seem right with the world.  Like I am 4 years old and my Blanky is all I need to feel loved and secure. Dramatic? Yup. Real? Oh yes.  A Want or a Need?  Hmmm…

I have since acquired 3 Clouds for my house…1 for me, 1 for the couch and 1 for guests…have given 2 Clouds as gifts and tell as many people who will listen…

Buddy knows and loves the Cloud. I leave a corner folded over for him when I make my bed 🙂  No matter how small the patch, he finds it for his daily (day-long) naps…Smart boy.


Wishing you a moment of rest…and a Cloud in your future…

Have a Nothing New Day! ~ Kristin


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