Driver Dog

Driver Dog

If you pay attention, you get to see some fun stuff…

I have noticed a shift toward positivity in how people here in “Record Breaking Cold Rochester” are talking about our fantastic Winter…how sunny it’s been *because* of the cold…how pretty the snow looked yesterday coming down snow globe style….how it maybe hasn’t been that bad now that we are about to move our clocks ahead an hour come Sunday…about how everyone seemed to help each other more this Winter….kind of nice.

As far as the bitter cold – I am FORCING myself to stay positive and remember that this is temporary and it will pass….and keep it all in clear perspective.

I also noticed some nice positivity at a social/network/fun event tonight – at Color Me Mine – I painted a jar that looks like rope around it and an anchor on the lid – final product viewing in one week…hmmmm…an artist I am not. Many of these women  were meeting for the first time but easily talked about careers, family, finances, school, kids, marriages, divorces, middle names, Girl Scouts – and NOT about the weather…I liked it. We had a cheery hostess, Megan, who spoke of our work as “works of art” offering tips on colors, techniques and encouragement.  A very pleasant night – lucky us to have a warm evening on a very cold night.

What did you notice today?

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin


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