It's Happening!

It’s Happening!

It was 43 degrees today! I announced it to the workman at my neighbor’s house, to the post office gal and to the drive through person blessing me with coffee.  “Hi how are you today, it’s 43 degrees” was my mantra. It was sunny, people were smiling, strangers were talking to each other and life was good! I stood in the sun while filling my car with gas and closed my eyes, face turned up to soak in some Vitamin D.  I did not wear a coat. I felt free.

Starting now, Brown is my new favorite color – the Brown of the leaves I never raked up last fall that do not feel like a burden but a joy to see after 4 months of White. I am so happy to see those Brown leaves! I want to make friends with them again, gather them up for a celebration and take them to a special place in my yard to make room for Brown’s cousin, Green…yay for Brown! Brown piles (OK, well, grey-brown) of snow getting smaller, brown mud, brown sticks fallen from multiple storms now emerging from the White. I do love you Brown and you have been missed – welcome back.

So then goodbye White, it’s been fun – it’s time to go, see you say, maybe not for another 8-9 months, please. Bye bye.  Bye now. Buh bye. Goodbye.

Have a Nothing New Brown Day! ~Kristin


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