Last night we drove 3 hours from one side of Florida to the other for Junior Olympics (swimming) taking place over 4 days – which means 4 nights in the camper. In the camper – 3 adults and 2 kids, suitcases, towels, swim gear, food, coffee pot (yay), rice cooker (yay x 1000), shoes, shoes, shoes and shoes.

Ending the trip off at Culver’s before going to the campsite put us all in a good mood. Butter (and veggie) burgers, fries (just a few) and custard. Everything in moderation. Meet starts on Friday so there is time to digest and replace the treat food with better fuel for racing and resting. A simple stop – on the way – and offered a reminiscing opportunity about stopping at Culver’s on our way to Escanaba, MI in past years for family reunions. Joy in the memories – and joy in having the deliciousness coming to FL!

Night one was OK – lucky for us we as family are also friends – as we keep getting our systems in place, this will be fun and easy!

Had time today to check out where the pool is and visit a state park…got the lay of the land. More to come – competition starts tomorrow!!!

Look for *your* simple joys today…

Have a Nothing New Day! ~ Kristin


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