Almost Sunrise

Almost Sunrise – Not the Bright Light

5:30am – rise and shine. 49 degrees this morning. Where is this FLORIDA I have heard about and experienced in my past? Why isn’t it warmer? Why am I wearing wool socks, two coats, a hood and a scarf? Why does my sister-in-law have three pairs of gloves – to share – one with me? Is the World Thermostat broken?

Mi Hermanita (xo) and I have shared numerous variations of this EARLY first shift of swim meet festivities – but never when it was this cold!

It is a Sister-Bonding experience to lug tent/chairs/cooler/coffee/clothing to a designated spot and set up camp in the pre-dawn dark. Nephew-Bonding too – I get to be the one to wake him up and help him launch his pre-meet rituals of eating, dressing, and packing his bag for the day – extras of everything – suit, cap, goggle, towel, – plus snacks, water bottle, swim parka, sweatshirt, shoes. I like it. My Bro and my younger Nephew come to the meet later and we reunite in the sunshine and blaring pool music…more coffee and we all start this part of the day as a family again (Grandma is missing – she will be here soon!)

This is part of their all-the-time life so I  insert myself into a program-in-progress. Lucky for all of us, Glenda is an expert organizer. Coffee prepped the night before, clothes out and ready, departure and arrival times set, gets up at 5 (every day) and wakes me after she is showered and beautiful for my turn in the bathroom 🙂 There is much to learn here and even though we are close family, I am still stepping into THEIR existing culture which I respect immmmmmmmensely.

What is your family culture? What are your rituals? When have you been inserted into a new culture? Do you have extra gloves?

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin


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