Going on Good Day Rochester in the morning – fun! 8:20am – I will be talking with Jennifer, Norma, and Adam about natural beauty/body products – good times.

During my Nothing New Year, I took 2 months to detox my house and myself….got rid of overlapping, toxic and unnecessary products in my kitchen, bathroom, travel bag, cosmetic case, cupboards and cabinets. Traded most of them out for truly natural products and ingredients. Oatmeal, sugar, grapeseed oil, distilled water, essential oils, coconut oil, honey, lemon, salt, vinegar, baking soda and organic soaps replaced window, sink, tub, tile, wall, floor, laundry, dish, and stain cleaners…most of them bright blue, unnerving yellow, scary orange, and “ineverseethatcolorgreeninnature” green.

I researched makeup, hair products, skin care and soaps – found my favorites – and continue to cut back on store-bought stuff.  Supporting small businesses, using local or available ingredients AND using products that are better for me is a triple winner.

In the process,  Mary Bartolotta of The Mooseberry Soap Company and Amy “Organica Jane” Stewart were sage guides – which ingredients to avoid and which ones to seek out. The learning curve flattened quite a bit but I am still learning! 



Lucky me, I have recently joined a very cool group – Sustainable Women – around 25 humans in all – with the collective knowledge of a university! Headed up by Rachel Stuckey, most meetings seem to have 10-15 women and the topics so far have been Gardening (raised beds, dirt and seeds) and Body Care (the power of baking soda and how to make your own shampoo!)…Next up is natural house care products.  Yes please.

Resources abound to navigate the seas of too many (unhealthy) options in the healthy & beauty aisle – the Good Guide App for smart phones helps you decide on the spot to choose products with the lowest negative impact on people, the environment, animals and your pocketbook. On this hip website, http://www.mamanatural.com – Genevieve offers a wonderful grid of product types and rates them Bad, Better, Good or Best. There are some surprises in there to be sure…


More to follow with recipes – sugar scrub, oatmeal mask, and lavender mist…oh my.

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin



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