Kind Florida Trumpet Flower

Kind Florida Trumpet Flower

This past week I was given some fairly undeserved kindness and I promised to pay it forward…lucky me, the opportunity presented itself within 24 hours. Huh.

On my way home from a nice lunch meeting with a potential new client on Friday afternoon, I could see a car in the middle of the road up ahead on an ale in the lane – looked like an accident but once I got closer, I realized it was stalled out. The 10 (TEN) cars in front of me pulled around the car and then kept on driving down the road. I did the same – pulled around and was going to call 911 to alert them to the situation. Typically, I do not stop – call me paranoid – even though it was broad daylight in a safe area.

When I maneuvered around the car, I could see the woman by herself in the car stepping out and then trying to push her car to the side of the road – still – no one else was stopping. Both the front and rear bumpers were smashed…s0 instead of driving on I pulled over. Got out, went back to her car and asked if she was OK…she was OK and turns out the smashed bits were from prior accidents – she said the car is old and on its last wheels and it just decided to stop on this day, at this moment, in the middle of this road. Bummer.

She got in and I pushed – wearing my special, pointy, high, dressy, business lunch, car-pushing boots – and together Merrill and I got her car out of the traffic and to the side of the road. She took a selfie of us, we exchanged a laugh and well-wishing goodbye – said she had someone to call for help.

Sadly, at least a dozen more cars just drove on by or watched us as they were stopped at the light during this 5 minutes or so of Samaritan Drama. Amazing. Not even a “Hey, do you need more help?” or “You can do it!” – wowee.

I am happy I had the chance to help, and I know that this single “pay it forward” is not enough. I need to remind myself to be kind and pleasant, give soft answers and thoughtful responses, and have open first-thoughts to keep replacing the negative, “it snowed again today” downer attitude.  Dear Lord, let me be a happy, kind, pink Florida trumpet flower today….Amen.

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin


3 thoughts on “PAID IT FORWARD

  1. So, are the shoes ok? I still remember the pair of boots that I ruined while helping to push the family car out of the mud when I was a teenager. I suppose I should get over it. 🙂

    Thanks for the reminder to consider stopping. I know I’ve been saved by kind strangers on the side of the road a number of times – but seldom consider stopping myself. But those little connections are the real stuff of life.

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