The Soup Lives On

The Soup Lives On

Kind Out. Kind In…Give Love. Get Love. What you throw out there, comes back to you – in lovely ways. Blueberry Soup to Mary. Kindness Back to Kristin – just when she needs if. Today is better – thank you Mary!

Check out my Friend Mary Bartolotta’s blog! AND her wonderful soap at The Mooseberry Soap Company….!An-Act-of-Kindness-Becomes-More-Than-a-Bowl-of-Soup/c1o8c/6E9F0582-5EC9-4261-BE60-0B77DC3C8B48


An Act of Kindness Becomes More Than a Bowl of Soup

March 23, 2014

Today, a friend and loyal Mooseberrian? dropped off some blueberry soup for me. I wasn’t at the cafe at the time but my sister let her in. It was put in the refrigerator. Tomorrow, I get to try it. Said friend and I briefly discussed said soup a few weeks ago. It was a casual and brief conversation. She mentioned that she would drop some by for me to try. Whatever. Sure. Whenever. Lots of people say that.

So today, when I found out there was some blueberry soup waiting for me, it gave me pause…made me smile. The soup came with a few texts like ‘Are you there? I have soup. Never mind. Sister put in frig.’ Then an email ‘Here is the recipe…and here are some blogs to go along with it.’  Wow, the soup came with a recipe…and blogs!

The soup suddenly morphed into more than a few mashed berries in a bowl and some became friend to friend communication,  taking the time for someone else, openness – one heart to another….and time for me to blog…this blog….and say thank you.

Can’t wait to try the soup tomorrow.


 another version below (not hers)


Have a Nothing New Blueberry Soup Day! ~Kristin



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