Frozen Lake St. Clair - Detroit

Frozen Lake St. Clair – Detroit

Weather is still a hot (cold – haha) topic here in The ROC (and in the whole Northeast, East Coast, Mid Atlantic, and Midwest). Even though we are exhausted by this perpetual Polar Vortex/Arctic Action/Deep Drifting Winter, people continue to be positive, kind and hopeful. Amazing, given the record-breaking temps and longevity of these cold days – over and over – every morning in the teens and waking up to a fresh white coat of snow on the ground.

Chatter at the checkout, in the parking lot, at the post office – the Weather continues to provide an easy ice-breaker (hee hee, get it?) – more so than usual. It feels like there is more compassion for folks who are out in the cold more than others – postal carriers, Helping Grocery Hands, bus riders. I have gotten into the habit of asking how you have fared – were you OK through all this? Thus launching quick shared concerns ranging from paying the heat bill and our homeless neighbors, to wearing boots, and being ready to shed the clothing layers.

“At least, it’s sunny!” “I saw a robin (cardinal, bluejay, chickadee) today…” “The snowdrops are up in my yard – me too!” “The snow IS melting, I can tell.” “The squirrels seem to be doing OK.” “Maybe it will be warmer tomorrow.”

I raked some leaves this past week – as a wishful Spring-Like activity to remind myself that it WILL come. If I rake it, it will come. I never finished up the Fall Tidy so I am doing a small section at a time to get a jump on Spring when she finally gets here. I loaded up one wet, heavy, dirty, brown pile of leaves onto a sheet from a 10 x 10 area in the back and dragged it out to the street for pick up. Almost pulled a muscle. Sad.

I did not wear socks one day last week as a beacon for the next season – please, oh please come soon. It was not noticed nor taken under advisement to push Spring into being. Maybe tomorrow.

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin



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