As I was finishing errands yesterday, including a coffee drop off to the gals at my favorite consignment store, Anything Goes – I took a moment in my parked car to prep a few books to ship – 2 to a friend in Los Angeles and a box to my hotel for an upcoming conference.

Deep in thought and trying to write meaningful notes in the books, I heard a sound in the back of my car – like the hatch was being opened or maybe someone bumped me. Well, it was the hatch being opened – by someone other than me!

It took me a moment to get what was happening – then I met Judy. She has the same car as I do – which we were about to figure out. As she was walking toward what she thought was her car, she clicked her remote to open her (my) hatch. Arrived to her (my) car and reached down to the handle to pop open the back. As she opened the hatch – she stood looking into the car at me. I could see her in my rear view mirror and her cartoon thought cloud was visible – “Hey, why is there someone in my car? This is a not what I expected and could be a problem.”

To get things rolling, I said, “Hello?!” which pulled Judy out of her thought cloud and into a cute conversation with me. She was mortified. “Oh my – I have the same car! I am so embarrassed! I hope my friend didn’t see me! Why did MY remote work for open YOUR car? I am so sorry!”

Of course, this was confusing…so many light blue Honda CRV’s out there and so many distractions. Easy to do…I was careful to stay in the Judgment Free Zone. Plus, my car was already open so it just SEEMED like her remote worked for my car.

I assured her I have done a thousand variations of the “What Just Happened Here Game ” and that what just happened here would stay between the two of us. Judy was laughing now (kind of – still in a bit of shock) and said, “OK bye now” then tried to get away from me ASAP. “Maybe I’ll see you in Wegman’s hahaha,” I said cheerily.  Judy’s Thought Cloud, “Yup sure I hope NOT bye now.”

Sometimes the funny stuff is right in front of us – and an oops leads to a reminder of how lucky we are to have that moment, that reminder of human vulnerability and the luxury of having a nice car that works.

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristinthing New Day! ~Kristin


5 thoughts on “OOPS

  1. LOL! I actually got into a car I thought was mine parked out in front of a local market and when I looked up to put the key into the ignition realized that not only was it NOT my car it was not even the same brand of black SUV . . . no one was there to see my thought bubble . . . eesh!

  2. When I first got my CRV I came out of Stop & Shop and went to what I thought was my car. I hit the remote to unlock the hatch and nothing happened. I tried it again and then again (never surrender!). I got irritated at the thought of the damn thing breaking after a week…mumbling to myself I went around to use the key in the door and spotted the baby car seat. I still blame Honda for making a bunch of CRVs in the same color.

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