Local Love

Local Love

“Woke up got outta bed, dragged a comb across my head…” Beatles Day in Bee Coffee! I have been getting most of my coffee from this nice small local place across the street from the Convention Center. Excellent.

This morning, the Coffee Master there was quite zen and said “Right on” to my request for a decaf almond milk latte. It was delicious *and* pretty with an artistic swirl of love to top it off.

AND I am almost two hours early for our closing keynote with Brene’ Brown. A triple win – it is going to be a good day!

I am sure I am over-confident in choosing a prime spot in what is most likely a reserved area. I will of course move if asked.

Brene’ (we are not on a first name basis but I am taking the liberty) is most known for her work on vulnerability and shame. Her now VERY famous Ted Talk challenges us to look at how what makes us vulnerable makes us more happy – more strong – more open. If you have not seen it – take a moment and enjoy her authentic wisdom, her humor and her insight:


More to follow – I have never really been star struck – but I think that is about to change. That is all.

Have a Nothing New Vulnerable Day! ~Kristin

PS. I just saw her – as she was walking into the ballroom. I saw her. She’s here. I saw her.






One thought on “WAITING FOR BRENE’

  1. Oh she is great, I’m just reading the Gifts of Imperfection and loving it. Want to take her e-course on creativity next year together?

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