If you could have the world any way you wanted it around the issues you care deeply about – starting tomorrow – what would it look like?  Here are a few of my wishes….

-All children have access to quality education – and safe homes, healthy food and adults in their lives who care about them.

-People have access to healthy, fresh food – especially in urban areas.

-Clean drinking water for everyone.

-Everyone has a safe, clean, comfortable place to live.

-Our waterways – rivers, oceans, lakes and streams are CLEAN.

-There is peace in our neighborhoods, cities and towns – and in the world.

-People can make a living wage at a job that affords them to meet their basic needs.

-Rochester, NY is the safest mid-sized city in the US (and all of our students graduate from HS!)

None of these may happen in my lifetime….AND I get to work on them – one kid at a time, one neighbor at a time, one conversation at a a time…incremental and glacier pace? Yes! Hopeful and personal? Yes!  Passion and energy driven? Yes! Fun and doing my part? YES x infinity!

For a just, caring, thriving world – at least within my own arm’s reach – we get to work on this for 6 days at the LeaderShape Institute. More importantly, we get to witness college students dream, plan, scheme, partner, and live out their visions. Every single time the list of “what if, wouldn’t it be cool, and why can’t we…” is diverse, exciting, dynamic and inspiring…I can’t wait! In a few weeks, Auburn University will gather 60 students and 10 plus staff  for our LeaderShape session. Preparations have been in the works for months…I am starting to pack…

What is your Vision for a Just, Caring, Thriving world???

Have a Nothing New Day! ~ Kristin




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