Welcome Spring - we've been waiting for you...

Welcome Spring – we’ve been waiting for you…

Waiting is hardly the word…pining away for, craving, desperately grasping for….that’s more like it! It has been the WORST ever winter – this is the last I shall speak of it…I promise….after this last post…promise.

Yay for crocuses, birds singing at dusk, longer days, return of the rabbits (even if they do eat my flowers), ruts in my grass (I can see them now – no snow), wet leaves (see them…no S), and lots of work to be done. More Raking, More Cleaning Up. That’s the Power of No More Winter.

We had a cool rainy day today and out of protest I did not wear socks. So there. I shall no longer wear socks – or boots – or socks. Did it change the weather? No. But it was the statement to myself that I am done with W. I protest the length, breadth and depth of this Winter. Complaint registered and my solution…well…maybe I will move…I will move. Meanwhile, my protest continues – maybe warmer later in the week and I will be in good  no-sock-wearing practice.

Sometimes, even though a protest doesn’t change any thing or even have the capacity to change anything – it feels great to make a stand, take a stand , strike a pose. It has a personal, individual motivation which in many cases can ripple out to others if you are lucky. Most times, you – only you – get the satisfaction of knowing you registered your complaint – along with a solution of course.

Like a declaration, I claim my sock-free world. Pending summer, eventual sandals. Having said that I trust higher stakes await …issues more important than socks. Freedom from bad habits, unbalanced friendships , procrastination…freedom from unhealthy food (but not chocolate covered brazil nuts – high in selenium – very healthy), draining conversations and procrastination. Not to mention procrastination.

What do you protest? What is your declaration? What do you need to free yourself from?

Have a Nothing New Sock-Free Day! ~ Kristin



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