Bye now.

Bye now.

I own 2 snow shovels – 3 if you count the retractable one I keep in my car.

Red Shovel lives on the back porch in the W – for digging out the driveway. Green Shovel stays out on the front porch to keep the mailman safe. Both are back in the garage. I honor their service AND it is time for them to rest. I have to say that thanks to travel timing and incredibly kind neighbors, I missed having to deal with two major storms so Shovels did not have to do as much as some others out there.

I am thrilled to begin work with their cousins, Triangle Rake and Metal Fork Rake – for at least the next 6 months…please let it be 6 months before we do W again. Pretty please with a tulip on top.

Rain or shine – I am putting out all of my summer stuff out this weekend – porch, yard, garden, etc…bye bye Winter…

Whose service do you honor today? Any goodbyes?

Have a Nothing New Weekend! ~Kristin

PS – The chocolate covered brazil nuts are long gone.


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