I had my doubts. Was this winter too cold, too hard, too long for my garlic?

Would I be disappointed if there was no garlic this year? Yes. Would I wish that there was something I could have done to help? Yes. Is there really anything I could have done to play a role in the (eventual) promise and presence of Spring? NOPE! Then who am I to think that my “help” is needed to make the Earth get closer to the sun, to make the birds sing and the buds pop? Huh.

I tried hard to be an optimist this W- I REALLY tried. Failed most of the time…by the end I just stopped talking about weather in general.

AND now – today – I am a new person! My garlic is up! I planted 19 bulbs this past Fall and I can see  8 of them now – about 2 inches above the dirt in a raised bed that is at a wild heaving angle (you know – from the W (I am whispering).  There were only 2 up when I checked the day before yesterday. Proof.

The biggest reprieve has come from having the windows open theses past few days. Even kept the bedroom window cracked open through the night = hope.

The pussywillows I can see from my kitchen window seem relieved/reprieved/retrieved. The rabbits made eye contact with me, I swear.  The squirrels who were out there all W long are finding their own food now and don’t need me anymore – no need to rely on bird feeders and compost piles. The crocuses in the yard are shouting along with the kids on the street – YAY!

Hello Spring – Thank You.

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin



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