Angels everywhere

Angels everywhere

“What did Mars say to Saturn? Give me a ring sometime!” Hee hee….

This bit of joy – courtesy of Dave at one of what I consider to be “my” post offices.  I know Dave and  John by name here – and Diane at the other one. These folks have the gift of hospitality – the ability to make me feel like a special (favorite?) customer and that I am SEEN.

Diane bought a copy of my first book – the one with a few short stories. She bought my second book too! And watches my TV gigs. Nice. I know about her family, her vacations and we talk about hair.

John – hmmmmm….well, I know some of his back story – shared in numerous 3 minute conversations while I am buying stamps or mailing packages. He calls me Dharma (remember that show – Dharma and Greg?) I must look like Jenna Elfman to him – I will take that as a compliment. He is outgoing and kind and at times seems a little sad.

Dave – always happy – and now I think he shares a “joke of the day” – I am good with that!  Makes waiting in line quite a bit more enjoyable.

Can friendliness be learned?  Is it a skill? Or is it a personality trait.  Something you just have. In your DNA and passed down the line? I want to be known as friendly…..OK and also funny. And generous. And funny – very funny.

Friendliness as a way of life oozes from my neighbors on this street I call home. Especially, recently, the kindness I received in the form of this garden angel came from Joetta and Kurt. This little gal belonged to her Mom who passed away recently. As we I talked on her sunny front porch this weekend (that one day, when it was warm) she gifted me this angel that was at one time in her Mom’s garden. What a privilege…I placed her immediately as a “First Rites Spring Garden is Getting Ready” symbol. I love her – Joetta and the angel of course. This is one so many things they do for me – who they are for me. These are the kind of neighbors you would script for yourself and a shining example of  the kind of friendliness we have here. LUCKY.

Who is friendly in your world? How do you want to be known?

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin



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