More Saving.  More Cleaning.

More Saving.
More Cleaning.

Thanks again to Sustainable Women!  A great group of local women who love to share what they know about about being a green steward of the place where you live. More Cleaning. More Learning.  Save money and save the planet….Happy Day Before Earth Day!

Thanks also to a few simple, back-to-basic ingredients…I am now making my own laundry soap – yes I am – thanks to Katie – The Wellness Mama! Check out her blog here:

1 part grated bar soap (castile soap I prefer Dr. Bronner’s Lavender), 2 parts Arm & Hammer Washing Soda, 2 parts Borax

Soap $2.49 + Soda $3.49 + Borax $3.79 = $10.97…..$7.09  for the mixture I just made – 88 loads @$.08 per load – yay!

Compared to a fairly high-end laundry soap in a paper container (I was using this – I do love it but….) at $12.99 for 66 loads – that’s $.19 per load.  A little higher than a mainstream brand ($.14 per load) but worth it was for me to know I was being nicer to our lakes and streams.

Now I am doing one step better – yay! I have learned how to make this simple concoction and gratefully have the time – it took me  about 15 minutes or so to grate the bar of soap and put everything together…

When shopping for green brands – do consider the higher cost an investment in our lakes and streams….AND do your research! It is easy to fall into “greenwashing” traps with beautiful, earthy, groovy looking packaging and key words like natural, organic, earth-friendly…you know what I mean! I am easily swayed by these and believe me I understand the allure 🙂 The Good Guide App is really helpful, so is the PETA list for companies/products that are cruelty-free.

There are so many choices out there now – ones that are kind to humans, animals, the planet and your home!  If you can, go for the simple, clean, old-timey stuff and forget about the fancy smelling, way too colorful and over-packaged products that cannot multi-task. Give me some baking soda, Dr. Bronner’s, Vinegar and Borax….

“Dance like you don’t need bleach, sing like you remembered to use vinegar for the mirror and clean like nobody’s watching you re-use that old toothbrush to scour the grout.” 

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin






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