I can see more garlic...

Day by day…


Rainy/cooler day today is in large contrast to sunny/warmer day yesterday. Maybe yesterday was really Earth Day because it was so nice out and it was an easy day to love. Or maybe it IS today and this Rainy Day is just as valid as it’s more popular older sister, Sunny Day. Maybe Rainy Day is here to share new lessons or expose hidden truths. Deep thoughts.

No matter – today is another day given to me to be my best self and allow others to do the same. Had the lovely opportunity to talk with my Good Day Rochester People earlier this morning –  Adam Chodak said (approximately), “Let’s welcome the awesome Kristin Skarie to talk about natural cleaning products!” – OK then – let’s!  Norma Holland was her alway positive self with kind inclusion and letting me share what I know…Good times – such open, fun and professional folks. An Earth Day blessing!

In contrast to the energy they exude and my reciprocated enthusiasm about vinegar and baking soda – I am now fading fast and very tired. Long day today and an emotional roller coaster this past week are my claim for TIRED.

In my ideal world…if I could have the (my) world anyway I wanted it, I would have a nap right now. “Tomorrow’s Headline” would read, “Kristin Skarie Naps on Regular Basis – All Sleep Needs Met”. I like to sleep. I envision a world in which I sleep as much as I need and every day I feel rested and ready – every day. This is my Vision. Thank you LeaderShape for the Visioning Process. I will be with you in LeaderShape-ness at Auburn in two short weeks! This is preparation.

Blessings abound and so much to do, yet on this Rainy Day I am a little down – while the laundry spins (with my homemade laundry soap – yay!), the rain falls (which means the back hoe next door is quiet) and the work awaits, I am searching for motivation and inspiration. Not from TV or Facebook for sure, I need a revival for today – a boot, a kick, a push to start each project and touch everything once to get closer to the finish line. A walk around or a nap. I know both of these are luxurious choices.

Flash forward 2 hours. I took a nap.

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin





    • Oh, that Marcia, she is so right. Nap away when you can. I’m taking a break from writing paper #1 of the 5 that are due in the next 2 weeks, to read your blog. I’m surrounded by snoring dogs, and it’s raining outside here (thanks for sending that rain further East) and fighting the urge to go lie down, just for 5 minutes, really…

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