Wegman's Rocks!

Wegman’s Rocks!

Happy Day After Earth Day!

My (almost) two hour nap yesterday afternoon allowed me to rest up for a memorable time last night with some new friends at Wegman’s. The best thing about the book signing was the absolute joy exuding from the Wegman’s team who put the event together! Thank you Angela, Denise, Melissa, Joe, Christina and Julia AND to my friends who stopped by….love, love, love!

They were genuinely happy for me and so excited – they made me feel like a celebrity! It was a huge reminder to be aware of what I do to make the people in my life (and new friends!)  feel “famous” – if I could do for my people half of what Weggie’s did for me it would be a reward in itself.

Gratefully, their hard work made for a successful  program for both of us – I will head back for a repeat on Saturday for their “Celebrate Organic” Day – so fun!

Cool thing happened too – a long time friend from the past (30 years ago!) happened to be in the store – we were lifeguards together back in the Glory Days of the Milwaukee County Lifeguard Corps. Coffee/catch up pending. I love when the small world thing happens – also this friend’s daughter is friends with Wegman’s Christina so then she and I had even more to talk about – and so on and so on and so on…we are all connected…

What brings you joy? How do you make the people in your life feel like celebrities around you? How are you connected?

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin



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