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1977 – 2007….No Comment.

I am in a 40 day window of leaving for Semester at Sea…Packing, clearing out closets, releasing THINGS and documenting processes in my house as preparation for this voyage/soon to be life changing journey. I am getting lots of help from friends to make this happen – so grateful for my Circle of Trust!

In this pre-trip period now that it is getting closer, I’m starting to sequester myself…leaving days completely open to do stuff. All these little things that take 10 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour – all add up to days and the days seem to be accelerating!

Cleaning my office….looking through receipts, rereading old letters and references and unearthing my old passports has made for some interesting flashbacks. I mean look at those pics – how much has changed  (my hair…and WHO IS THAT in the middle pic) AND how much I am still the same person. I am still an independent (to a fault), fun (yes?), friend-blessed swimmer. AND I have changed in so many ways – learned so much in the past 30 years…yikes. So many cool places I’ve lived and traveled, so many wonderful people, and so many things to be thankful for…I am more confident, more resilient, more settled but will NOT settle. So much more aware that I have enough and that I am enough (Brene Brown!). More faithful, more trusting in the plan God has for me, more free, more me.

And oh yes….so many mistakes (“learning opportunities”). I am sure they were necessary to build character and fortitude. One of my Dad’s biggest wishes for my brother and me is that we would be “hearty souls”.  Most days I feel hearty! My daily affirmation is “I am vibrantly alive and full of energy and great opportunities come my way every day.” Some days go more like this, “I am barely alive and full of crap.” 🙂

Today, I am alive!

In what ways are you the same as you were 30 years ago (or 20 or 10)? How are you different?

Have a Nothing New Day!  ~Kristin




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