Morning Walk

Morning Walk

My intention today was to Be Open.

Well, consider it accomplished…I was so open that I allowed myself to be way out, big time vulnerable with a capital V – expecting a vulnerability hangover tomorrow. Fending it off with a little extra sleep and EmergenC.

I believe everyone crosses our path for a reason and today THAT person crossed my path. What started out as a conversation in which I thought I would be the help-er, turned out to be a chance for me to be the help-ee. I struggle asking for help in general, so getting help today without asking (or knowing I would need it) feels like a free gift with a side of humility.

Without sharing the full back story here, a fellow facilitator/new friend pulled me into a conversation-in-progress with a young woman during a visioning activity. Her dream was well thought out, she was close to getting to the right point in the process, but maybe I could help define her vision to a more distilled place.

Neither of them knew how emotion-filled my reaction would be to what was being shared and discussed.

For some reason the young woman’s story and her passion hit me in just the right spot – a chink in the armor…”Oh I’m not going to cry, wait actually I am, no I’m OK, well I guess I am going to cry.” Drats. Full exposure, much disclosure on my part. Open, judgment-free acceptance of me from both of them – the stayed quiet, let me tell my story, and cry.  A role modeling of what I need to do more of…A 15 minute blessing in a long day.

Be Open.

Have a Nothing New Intentional Day! ~Kristin


4 thoughts on “BE OPEN

  1. Vulnerability is difficult for many. It’s not easy nor comfortable exposing our vulnerability to others, much less be open to receiving another’s vulnerability, so what you experienced was a beautiful gift. Your story brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for Being Open!

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