Monkey's Fist

Monkey’s Fist

Day 5 of LeaderShape – this is often referred to Integrity Day even though this is a thread weaving throughout the whole week…I like this day for a lot of reasons – in particular,  the section on values totally grooves for me and I feel like there is great learning, awareness and affirmation.

This Day 5 (this being LeaderShape Institute #21 for me) I underestimated how personal (and fresh/raw) it would feel to share a story of a time I was OFF my moral compass and my values were compromised. AND how I am currently witness to a friend being way off “true north” – so much so that I am sure our friendship will end.

As the words spilled out, (along with tears) in front of 60 kind, open and engaged students, I tried to “look at the ceiling” as my mom suggests – ideally the tears pool and if you blink enough, I think they evaporate or go back in somehow…I shared the Smart Marcia Wisdom with these lovely students as an interlude to buy time, but the once the dam was open, I could not stop. The harder I tried, the more I cried. “Look at the ceiling!”, they said so we all laughed, I got it together and we moved on…time for them to explore their true north – enough about me, let’s talk about you.

I have some work to do, to untie some of the mess – even though right now the knot is tidy, and fancy and clever. I won’t be able to take the next step until it is opened up and allowed to stretch out  – returned to its former shape as a long line before being turned into a knot.

Sometimes the prettiest knot is the hardest to untie…

If this is your “Day 5” then where are you on your moral compass, your true north? What pulls you off? What/who/ how do you stay true?

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin



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