Conesus Lake

Conesus Lake

Had a week of sunshine and 75-80 degrees at Auburn University – War Eagle!  7 days IN A ROW of  sun at a beautiful retreat site in GA. Like a dream! I am lucky to have had this wonderful reprieve from our slow Spring with a Learning Community of positive, fun and  future thinking young people .

On the easy 2 hour flight home (after an “open mouth breathing- no shame – don’t remember the take-off – power nap”) I had some time to reflect, read my mailbox notes from the week and think about where my car keys might be. As we neared our destination, I was grateful for the green patches below in spite of the familiar grey skies of the ROC.

“When skies are grey”, stated the woman behind me (reading my mind) as she began an ongoing commentary during our descent. An interesting way to state the obvious, I thought, then realized she had some challenges  – maybe dementia – her continued statements, blurts and comments were disjointed and seemed to be shared without realization that others could hear her.

“Oh my legs, Senora Sands, Are we down yet? Oh Jesus, Charles, do you remember the time, Lying hurts, Oh the doctors, Thank you Jesus, Do you have my bag? (I’ll carry it) Alright dear, Chuck, are you tired?” (He said No.)

But I bet he is tired. Whatever is going on there must be exhausting. I of course can only make up a story about the two of them and assumed that Charles is her caretaker. He answered her questions calmly and responded to every other or every third random comment with a neutral yes or no…

Once we landed, they got up out of their seats to deplane – Charles stood first and helped her to her feet. He then walked down the aisle – she went out behind him with both hands on his shoulders – swaying a bit but steady for the strength in front of her.

My tiredness was put into perspective. Chuck was doing what he was called to do or made to do…and if he was tired he did not let on. Grace personified.

Have a Nothing New Day! ~ Kristin


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