Book Distribution Kit

Book Distribution Kit

I am not at all skilled in asking for help. It is like a anti-skill – not only do I not have it, I have the opposite of it.

Even when help is offered by a trusted friend I have a hard time accepting it. I am not sure where this comes from. At it’s best, this makes me very independent, self-sufficient and confident. At its worst this means I often do *not* get everything done resulting in stress or a regret of having to let things go.

Oddly, I enjoy helping other people and feel good when I can do so! I am also OK with saying no and expect my friends to do the same.

So why is it so hard for me to ask for help????

On Friday, my (Reverse) Mentors, Christina and David offered to take care of shipping out books while I am away and I said yes!  They are wonderful to offer and now I can have books going out over the summer – yay! I am relieved and appreciative. There is some work to get the “kit” together and a few calls to make but other than that, it is easy and amazing to have their help!

Intention for the day? HELP and BE HELPED.

How do you ask for help???

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin



2 thoughts on “ASKING FOR HELP

  1. We seem to think that we are not worthy of someone else’s attention. Well, the truth is. . . WE’RE NOT! In the end, it’s not about us, but about them. When we ask for help, we are inviting people into our lives. It should be considered an honor to have people in our lives. By allowing them into our lives, we are breaking down all the barriers that prevent us from truly being family. There is no pretense around family. If we treat everyone (those we trust, that is) as family, then we are free to let them see all the dust bunnies, the craziness that is our lives, and the other stuff that makes us human. We are human, after all. Full of insecurities and faults. And, that’s OK!

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