Scary Paper

Scary Paper

I am cleaning.

I will not get it all done before I leave, but for the first time in 15 (!) years I am getting rid of all (most of) the PAPER.

I am shredding much of it AND I think I will give up and take it to Staples to be shredded for $.79 a pound. Said, “Goodbye” to my 1977 tax records (37 years ago – I mean really) documenting my first real job as a Milwaukee County Lifeguard. “Thanks for the memories” to so so many topical files with articles, MIMEOGRAPHED handouts, workbooks and conference programs. “See you never” to the old letters from no longer friends…I already feel lighter.

Some of the files take longer than others. Which of your files take longer?  Personal? Work? Family?

Super helpful post from The Unclutterer – Erin Doland Rooney – she is great 🙂

Have a Paper Free Day! ~Kristin


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