Entering the Tunnel

Entering the Tunnel

FEAR is….False Evidence Appearing Real. Or…..not????

Faced my fears of driving through the Holland Tunnel today and get to do it again tomorrow. Awesome. I want to be fearless…most days I feel pretty fearless…but then there are scary things that try to make me scared…not all of them are real…but a few are…

Now, the Holland Tunnel – it goes UNDER the Hudson River. There is a significant body of water ABOVE all of us as we drive through the tunnel for an hour (OK ten minutes max) but you know. Real evidence but perhaps not to be feared because of the expert construction and design, time tested safety records, high maintenance standards, blah, blah, blah. Nonetheless, it is a little scary and I propose, reasonable, to be a tiny bit on guard during the under water trek. Plus the signs that say, “Not an Exit” all along the roadway freak me out a little. Like, oh really, that is NOT an exit? Thank you for reminding me that the door with the sign leads to a RIVER.

“Danger is real, fear is a choice”, says Will Smith in the movie “After Earth” – hmmm.

Is the Holland Tunnel dangerous? Probably not. More dangerous than sitting in my house? Yes. I guess it is all on a continuum. Having fear for some people can be debilitating – I have a large sympathy for what that must be like. It is complex in severe cases to be sure – AND on smaller scales, I think there are ways to manage risk so that you can live your life free of worry. Always good to use your intellect – have the facts, check your experience, know your sources.

Also, consider 1) Is there danger? (What is it, can it be avoided? 2) Am I at risk? (Physically? Emotionally?) That’s it – right? Everything else falls into place after that. My big 3) is that I trust that God is taking care of me and will keep me from harm. That one makes it easy to go through the Tunnel. Twice.

What do you fear? How do you keep your FEAR at bay? How do you face what you are afraid of? Who do you trust?

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin


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