Happy to see you...

Happy to see you…

Arrived in London – with my 1 human body, 1 friend Margaret and 2 duffel bags that got heavier as the walking through Giant Heathrow progressed. I had bad thoughts about the bags and was hating/loving them. Loved that I had them and hated that they were so heavy. In spite of the wheels, it felt like I was dragging logs with ill-placed handles made of string.

Our taxi driver from the airport to hotel said (with a twinkle), “Oh travelling light, are you?” He was nice and the comment was intended to ease our “I might cry now” look.

Made it to the hotel – it is in a perfect location. Nice area in the Marylebone High Street area –  with a nearby Tube stop and close to shops and coffee.  And coffee.

Had a little rest then headed out to look around – it was wonderful to be back – I’d not been here since 2002 for vacation and prior to that in 1994-95 – the year I lived here.  It is a fascinating place to be sure…and still a little surreal to be here 20 years later!

Rode the London Underground and swung through a few of the attractions – Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square, Oxford Street, and Wagamama’s for dinner.

Have you arrived?

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin




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