We had a day of Orientation today with all the Faculty and Staff…it was so great to get a ton of background information – drinking from the firehose! We had so much time together prior as a Student Life team and our Dean of Students, Joe Moon prepared us so well that it was not really overwhelming – just exciting! We worked out our duty schedule (with chocolate) toward the end of the day then headed to dinner as a group after a little break…it is like we have all worked together before…easy, real and fun. BLESSING.

Here are some stats for our voyage:

465 Undergrads , 44 Life Long Learners, 180 Crew, 41 Faculty, 27 Staff, 58 Family = 815 TOTAL

84 of the students are on my hall or “sea” as it is called on the ship…my sea is The Mediterranean…at first glance at the whole list there are students from UW, IU, RIT and Bucknell – good times!

Our ship docks tomorrow morning around 8am…the anticipation is building! We have a half day of Orientation then board around 1pm – woo hoo!!!

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin

PS – Best ever notebook from my Mentors, Christina and David xo




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